(Disclaimer: automatically translated)

Hi all!

Sorry for this total silence since 1 month, but it has really been necessary to drop the suitcases, enjoy family and our friends, retrain the local pace, temperatures and of course enjoy our culinary French delights !

We are really delighted to have made this trip it was a great experience which will mark us for life without a doubt! We learned to live differently, to meet people and take the time to learn about their cultures.

we are preparing a review of this experience with a top of places that were visited, the balance sheet, mileage etc. !

We are at the moment trying to work our English in more academic way. We would like to validate our level with the IELTS test that, we are getting ready to pass on 8 December.

In parallel we apply of the PVT Canada (the equivalent of the WHV visa we had in Australia) and we have passed the first stage of selection which is the hardest, so it seems that we are now planning a new start but this time it will be in sedentary mode in order to work in our respective fields.

We will take the time to explain everything in the next articles!

We are here: