Construction of our campervan

That’s it, we’ve had enough of the renting a place for the weekend, we have hit that threshold, we need a van !

This became clear about ten month ago, we then decided to buy a cargo van and build a camper van out of it.

For the records we bought a GMC Safari Van (from Powel Street Brewery, a micro brewery of Vancouver) and it took us about six month to have it 100% completed.

That being said it was operational with a convertible bed within the first month for a trip we deep down to California.

We have had about 40 nights in our beauty during summer, looking forward to more !


The floor:

The bed:

Closet on the side:

The kitchen:

Almost finished :



We are here:

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  1. Tu LE rammene bien sur !!! LE van !

  2. SI tu as de la place j’ai besoin d’un dessus de tableau de Bord pour Mon RAM et de feux, parechoc avant…..

  3. That’s really cool… I just picked up the same van and was searching for inspiration… needed something I can travel in, sleep in and tow my aluminum boat… you gave me some great ideas… thanks for sharing.

    • Carole & Mathieu

      Hi, I am glad we gave you some ideas! If you have any question feel free to ask :)

      • Nicholas Oleski

        do you happen to have the plans for the bed you built? im really interested in building a similar one.

        • Carole & Mathieu

          Hi Nicholas,

          I am sorry, unfortunately we didn’t save our plan.

  4. Zach Davidson

    Do you guys have copies of the plans you would be willing to share from this conversion

  5. Bastien

    Hi carole and mathieu,

    I’m looking foward to convert my gmc safari into something pretty close to what you did!

    One question I have is, for the wood frame(after the insulation process) how did you fix it to the inner wall? Metal screw? Pl glue? I’m actually wondering and looking for a solution to my problem… I know its been a while since the post came out but if you’re still there maybe you’ll help me!

    Thanks from Qc

  6. Angelus Summers

    holly guys i love this build, i am just about to pic up a safari on monday, and i would love to rip this ideayh, how much was the total cost for the build?

  7. Hi great van build! I was wondering what the final dimensions of the bed were (height length width)

    • Carole & Mathieu

      Hi Josh,
      Thank you very much for your comment. Sorry we don’t exactly remember the size of the bed.. But I would say 35 x 180 x 120 everything is in centimeters.
      Good luck for your project!

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