(Disclaimer: automatically translated)

It is been now about a week that we are at Chael & Robin in their Air BnB room(-www.airbnb.com). For those who do not know this is a site where individuals can sublet part of their residence by night, week or month. It really is a good concept to discover a place, prices are often affordable and there is something for everyone. In our case we found this adorable couple of Canadian that make us share their everyday life and discover a whole bunch of stuff!

Our first week consisted of land, recover jet lag, open a bank account, make some administrative paperwork, looking for an apartment and looking for work!

It is really summarized but it looks pretty much like it. For the moment we managed all our missions except of course to find work that is likely to be the most complicated and far!

For all the administrative side is pretty easy, but they ask lot of information,even just to start a phone contract without commitment (one wonders what are they doing with this information!)! But in general all the steps for visas, social security number (SIN) and Bank went smoothly!

We ran around to visit the apartments and found a nice one, just renovated between Downtown and the West-End district. We should move on 1 February.

we have a little trouble with English, believe it or not but their North American accent is really strange after the Australians.

Robin and Chael bring us make a hike on snowshoes in the Squamish area 60KM to Vancouver. The landscapes are really beautiful and we had a really cool day!

Here for this first article, leave you with few images, but for the moment we haven’t really explored the surrounding area!

We are here: