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We relaunched the blog, and we are back in the business!

Small retrospective on the last few months:

In the last article, we announced you that we applied for the visa PVT for the Canada (equivalent of the Working Holiday visa we had in Australia) and we succeeded!

This time the challenge was a bit more complicated.

To make the request for the Australia, we just needed to fill out a form, pay and wait 5 minutes to receive an acceptance email.

There, it was a whole different story… For Canada, there is a quota of 6500 places.

  • 7 November 15 h – we receive the mail to send our papers
  • November 8, 15 h – we send our files
  • 9 November – we learn the quotas have been widely exceeded and that registrations are closed!

To spice the whole story, the paperwork is quite intensive with some forms, substantive proof to ask the Bank, a CV, a letter of motivation, photos, photocopies etc!

Suddenly after all this pressure and still some administrative steps, we are super happy to have received a favourable response.

We chose to leave the country, in order to get a solid work experience abroad. You are reading our first Canada article, live from Vancouver.

We chose the city of Vancouver on the West Coast for the mix between the mountains (whose reputation for skiing is no longer to do!) and the Pacific coast.

It’s why the new name of the blog finish by BC, it means British Columbia Vancouver State!

All the links from www.goodcarma-inoz.com was redirected to the new address so for readers nothing does change, the old address remains accessible!

We are here: