Hi !

Since that we are on the road again we have driven a lot, because we just have two month to go to Perth, and we have to meet Carole’s parents at Broome in early August. So we are on a tight schedule of 8000km between the Sunshine Coast and Broome !!! So now our trip is a bit more dynamic with longer drives between the place where we go !

We first went to Bundaberg, 400km north of the Sunshine Coast, we stopped there for the night. In this town you can go and have a look to the Bundaberg Rum distillery. We don’t know if it is our feeling due to our fatigue but we didn’t really like this town, so the next morning we left without visit the distillery.

So we followed our road between the sugar cane farms to Agnes Water and Town of 1770, two nice little town by the sea. There, we booked a trip for Lady Musgrave. This is an coralline island on the south of the Great Barrier Reef, the reef creates a big lagoon around the island, go and have a look on google earth you will see…


We left to the island the next morning. There is just one company offering tours for the island, you can go there with a big catamaran with engines for 130 people. With a bit of swell on the journey to the reef, a lot of people felt sick and it became “the throwing up party” for 2 hours… After that, we spent the rest of the day snorkelling by the reef. Luckily the water wasn’t really warm, so lots of people had give up snorkelling… So we enjoyed it a lot with our wetsuits, we sighted a lot of coral fishes and even a turtle! We don’t know a lot about reef and coral islands, so we can’t really tell if the reef is a good quality one, but anyway that was really good ! We found a camping chair in the lagoon, apparently people don’t care about drop a chair in the water and to waste everything…

After that we kept going up north, we crossed the tropic of Capricorn around Rockampton, then we got one of the coldest night we ever had in Australia around Carmilla Beach just before Mackay ! But we also enjoyed one of the most beautiful moon rise of our trip !

The next day we left to Mackay, where we spent the afternoon kitesurfing at Town beach, the local school spot. That evening we realized the “Be Crocwise” signs around the beach ! After checking on internet and with the kite school, we learned that it is a safe spot, so we enjoyed a second session the next morning! During the afternoon we went to Eungella and is Nat Park, a lovely valley full of sugar cane farms!

That’s it! Next step Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands

See you !