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Just an article short enough to give you some news, so from Amed we went directly towards Senaru on Lombok, the city of departure for the Rinjani trek.

Rinjani is a volcano of 3726 m that can be climb by a hike of 3 days / 2 nights. It is quite physical although we have not much to wear, carriers are responsible to take tents, duvets and foods. We have chosen to take our own duvets to be sure of not having cold.

The hike is in three days:

Day 1: altitude + 2000 m, with views of the Caldera and the volcanic Lake of Rinjani. We took a little rain on the climb, but we were lucky the sky cleared up to give us a nice view of the Lake and volcanoes.

Day 2: vertical-600 m / + 700 m, bathing lake, then in hot springs after we climbed to the base camp for the Summit the next day. That day we had good weather, Carole to started to be pissed off by a painful knee following the big climb of the day before…

Day 3: altitude + 1000 m /-2200 m, Summit for the sunrise it was really amazing to see Sunrise (Carole unfortunately could not come because of his knee… It was a little sad to not complete the hike up to the top…) then descent to the village of Sembalun Lawang. The descent was really long and quite steep, Carole knee hurts this day there, on my side it was tough with my shoes a bit to small for about 7 hours and the rain really was really strong… We finish the trek so tired after those 3 days!

Well it’s true we didn’t feel really good about doing the trek with a guide and people caring our food and tent especially because the path is obvious, but it sustains the local economy. However the rates are still quite expensive for local standards, you really need to negotiate hard! But the benefit is really cool carriers prepare great meals at each break, we never ate that well during a hike! At the end we gave them a bunch of things for them and their families.

We really enjoyed those three days, it end up with a Canadian band not the last to do crazy things… We did some naked photos at the top by 5 ° C, this kind of clever trick!

Here we leave you with photos and video of the trek!

See you

Gunung Rinjani from Good CarMa in Oz on Vimeo.

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