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It has been a month since we moved to Vancouver. We are now setup in our apartment. We have moved on 1 February. The apartment is located between downtown Vancouver (Downtown) and West end a residential area. This allows us to easily access all parts of the city with public transport.

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The apartment is renovated, the size is approximately 55 m2.

To give an idea of the cost of living here, for this apartment we pay a rent of $1150 (approximately 850 euros) with water and heating included.

I am sure you guessed that for our furniture we haven’t try to be original! On our way to IKEA with a small truck rented for the day! Then for the remaining, we heavily used Craigslist. We succeeded in finding a lot of used things like a futon, table and chairs, stools, tableware, coffee tables… It is rather profitable!

Otherwise on the work side, we have a great news. I (Carole) signed a contract on February 14 to work as an analyst/developer in .NET. More specifically to work for a small company of 6 people who customized customer management software (CRM to insiders). I started working gently with a half time at home to train me on the software, it’s great to start slowly!

For Mathieu, the industrial sector is a little more locked so he starts looking for work using networking. At first sight here is the key to find a job, meet people from the community, meet recruiters etc… Creating links to bypass the ads market.

As regards recreation we had time to walk around a bit in the neighborhood and learn more about the city. Tomorrow we will take advantage of our weekend to go skiing for a day at Cypress Mountain. It snowed all week and it’s supposed to snow more tonight, it should be good ;)!

We are leaving you with some pictures.

We are here: