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Hi all!

After our trek to Rinjani, we went in the direction of Kuta on Lombok, nothing to do with its Bali namesake, here it is relatively quiet and everyone or almost comes here for surfing!

We stayed in the hotel Kuta Bay Homestay, on the advice of our Canadian friends with whom we did the Rinjani Trek!

The homestay is held by Tom a Californian married to Susi a Lombok Indonesian, we have really enjoyed our stay there. We stayed 7 days alternating sessions of surfing, snorkeling, underwater hunting (or at least try). It has been really well integrated to the whole family, we shared some super good meals together!

Kuta Bay Homestay

Susi was great, often she bring us some local fruits for cheap so most of the time our meal based was made of banana and pineapple juices :)! ! ! For larger hunger, the sister of Susi regularly preparing the nasi campur (rice with a mix of chicken, fish, vegetables, tempe… rest) for less than $1 per pers.

Kuta Bay Homestay

Kuta Bay Homestay

The surroundings are really great to explore in mob. Carole was able to practice quite there because traffic is lighter than anywhere else. She is now at the top, except a few sometimes risky start-ups to spice the ride!

Around Kuta

Regarding the surf, there are some really good spots in the area, all still a little tough to start… Carole struck several times the reef, so she wasn’t really comfortable in the water, especially with quite strong waves . I have initially surfed Seger, a not very deep coral reef, but the waves are nice by small swell. However, I broke a fin on the reef while returning in the water…


Then we went to Gerepuk, small village of fisherman where not a single boat goes fishing… In fact all boats turned into cab for surfer. The spots are far enough and access is by sea, the easiest spot is called “Inside” a straight line that breaks on a reef flat and Nice. The waves are really nice and is somewhat protected from the wind, it’s still pretty hollow but perfect for progress! Okay I just exploded the board that I rented with one knee in full-on the bridge due to a foot that has slipped. It cost me 100 000 rps to get it repair, $ 10!

Here we are leaving you with photos that will give you more an idea of the atmosphere than long talks

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