Hi everybody,

We’re back! After about three years of silence on our blog, here we are again! During these three years we have been living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. After many discussions, we have decided that we would be moving back to France to settle down there.

But before hand we would take advantage of the fact that we both would not have jobs to travel in the Canadian Rockies and the West Coast of the USA.

So what have we done during these past three years?

First off all we have been working, we both managed to find job in line with our fields, Mathieu landed a job as head of the welding programs department in a consulting firm specialized in welding engineering. And Carole has been working as a Business Intelligence developer at iQmetrix a software company specialized in retail solution for the wireless industry.

Of course, we also tried to make the most of our new surroundings, and enjoyed various locations in line with our hobby for the weekends. So we would often go surfing on Vancouver Island, or kitesurfing during the summer month. This took us to place like Tofino, Squamish, Nitinat Lake and Hood River to name a few.

During the winter month we enjoyed various ski hills like Whislter and Mount Baker, as well as famous backcountry areas like the Duffey Lake area, or the Coquihalla Moutains.

We also made a bunch of friends that enjoyed the same hobbies as us, which made all these weekend trips amazing. All put in perspective these three years were really epic, and it is going to be hard to top it off.

We will start our trip the first of February, below is a rough map of what we plan to do:

Itinéraire road trip


The idea is to do a two-months trip, to ski and visit the national park of the west of the USA. We bought the mountain collective pass, this pass allows us to ski 2 days in a bunch of resort in Canada and USA for $USD 400 all additional days will be 50% it seems to be a pretty good deal! We are planning to mix backcountry skiing trip with some resort skiing. You can check in this article our camper van we built this year, it will be our home for the next 2 months.

Here is a quick selection of photos:

We are here :

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  1. Troop fort ton blog !!!
    Au plaisir de te, vous ( félicitation !!!) retour en france
    Ludo….. Mais si, celui qui un jour t’a attaché á un Arbre avec ton frere !!!!

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