Some news!

We are on our way to « the crossing of Australia, the come back », I don’t know if you remember our crossing between the WA and the SA, but we do! We are going to do the same, or maybe more on the way back! We are now going to the Northern Territory and its capital Darwin.

But before, we have a lot to tell you. We first went to Airlie beach, most of cruises to go to the Whitsundays Islands, start from this town. In this town there is a lot of tour operators, hostels and bars, and some big agencies doing all in one. To understand the vibes, this town is full of young backpackers coming from all over the world, who spend their money earned in picking job to do all the town activities. As you can guess, in this tourist place, it’s impossible to camp in our van, so we chose to book a night in a camping. And for the next day we had book a cruise of 2 days/2nights in a big race sailing boat.

We had bad weather but a lot of wind, so it was fun for sailing! The name of the boat is Condor, it’s a race yacht. It was interesting to see how works a big boat like this. We were totally wet on the deck, but we liked that! Unfortunately we didn’t had enough sun to well see fishes and coral during our snorkelling sessions.

After that, we kept going on the East Coast to Cap tribulation, one of the end of Australia for people with 2WD. We stopped in different beaches and have done: nothing, kiting, or sometime fishing! We stopped as well in different national parks, like at the wallaman falls, the higher Australia waterfalls (268m). This area is tropical, with rainforest, sugar canes, mangoes, bananas, and coconuts… The landscape is really different! In this landscape we were lucky to see a cassowary crossing the road in front of us. This bird is endangered (Just 1000 in Australia), it looks like an emu with a horn on his head, it was really cool!

Cape tribulation