Hey you all!

We are back with some fresh news of our wanderings.

After the Kootenays and Rossland, we crossed the border and are now in the USA. We have been here for about two weeks.

Our first stop was in Sun Valley, Idaho, where we took advantage of our Mountain Collective Pass and used our two days of resort skiing. The last snowfalls were roughly a week ago so we enjoyed the groomed slopes in the resort.

We also skied the backcountry there, and once again we barely scratched the surface, but appreciated how there is a lot to ski in the Sawtooth Moutains.

Then we left for Jackson, Wyoming, this is a 5 hours drive. Jakson is the nearest city from Grand Teton National.

On our first day we decided to go skiing the backcountry in Teton Pass, a pretty famous area for backcountry skiing with some very easily accessible runs. We were pretty much ready to go, looking at our map and figuring out what was what, when we heard a guy asking, “You guys are good ?”.

That would be Mike, a local that in the end took us skiing with him and showed us around. To wrap up a good day we shared some margaritas and burritos in a local Mexican restaurant. Then, we were pretty much ready to go when Mike invited us to stay at his place near by! It was awesome we enjoyed a great shower, did some laundry and watched a movie with Mike sitting in a couch, what a luxurious night :) Thanks again Mike that was awesome!

The next day being a Monday Mike went to work and we left with the promise that we would meet up the following night for some Blue Grass Music and drinks at a local pub. The pub was packed, most of the people were dressed with a shirt, cowboy hat and leather boots and pretty much everybody was dancing! It was a really good night and we rather enjoyed Mike and his friends company!

Also in Jackson, we got to see a tons of different animals, there is a lot of wildlife in the valley, we got to see some Elks, Mooses, Big Horn Sheeps, Coyotes as well as Wolves.

The story behind our sighting of the wolves is nice too, we were hanging in the Elk Refuge, an area right by Jackson where Elks are sort of protected during the winter. And some guy showed up and started talking to us about how he saw wolves that very morning around 7:30 am. Of course knowing us, you figured that the next morning we were there and bumped into the guy again. Which was rather handy considering he had a really good lens and tripod, plus he was really good at finding wolves every time we were losing them in the lens! ahaha

To top it of we had two nice days skiing in the resort and even got a pretty good powder day. Then, we went skiing in the national park and climbed a peak called 25 short (understand 25 feet short of 10 000 ft.), which gave us epic views of the Tetons. Unfortunately, the bad weather rolled in just as we climbed it so we didn’t get to see; the I am sure amazing view that’s up there. Oh well, we will just have to go back some other time…

We are now in Mormons territory in SLC, the weather is super hot and it feels like the skiing season is almost over here… We will be headed for the Wasatch Range in the next days.

We are here: