These past two weeks were really great, after leaving Roger Pass we headed to the Canadian Rockies. We skied two resorts there Lake Louise and Sunshine Village. The first one was stunning for the views it offers while the snow wasn’t so great. However, we were happy to find 10cm of new snow waiting for us in the morning of our day in Sunshine. We managed to ski some good powder and even got a few laps in the backcountry.

After that, we made our way to the Kootenay Mountains, the Kootenays are a smaller chain of mountain tucked against the border of the USA. The main city there is Nelson close to the famous resort of Whitewater. The fame mainly comes from the cold smoke powder that they receive in abundance each year.

We started exploring at Kootenay pass. Right from the pass, there are a number of great tours easily accessible. You pretty much star climbing right away; the easiest tours are only about 350m of elevation, which makes it easy to do several laps in the same day. It is really a great location to begin backcountry skiing.

After skiing the pass, we went down to Nelson, where we stayed with Jesse and Ellen (thanks again guys!), we stayed there for about a week and enjoyed their hospitality. We also went skiing with all their ski bum friends. They all knew the resort and the surroundings super well after skiing there since the beginning of the season. A few of the runs we got to do were Acidophilus, 5 miles, White Queen and Goat slide. This was really some fantastic skiing and great time with amazing people.

Of course we had to leave at some point, so we headed to Rossland for our last stop in the Kootenays. We toured around there two days (Mt Cowe & Cutblock Peak). Red Mountain resort is very famous there as well, and is probably a wonderful resort to explore on a big dump, this will have to wait for the next time for us…

At this point we have been cruising around Canada for about three weeks and are now on our way to the USA and Sun Valley in Idaho. We will keep you posted about what we find there!

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