Well… we haven’t updated the blog recently, we were caught up with relaxing and enjoying the trip! We are now on our way to Vancouver, I am taking advantage of the long drive to write this blog post.

 In our last blog post, we were heading to Utah and our first stop was Antelope Island. It’s an island on Great Salt Lake, at about sixty kilometers north of Salt Lake City. It’s a protected area with a lot of wildlife like buffaloes, antelopes, bighorn sheep, etc. It’s a beautiful place, the temperature was warm and it was really pleasant to wear flip-flops again!

A big snowstorm was forecast, so we decided to wait before heading to the mountain until it hit. It was a great decision, the next day we woke up with a beautiful blue sky and 25 cm of fresh snow in Alta/Snowbird. Those resorts are really close from Salt Lake City, people were lining up before the resort even opened, and it was a Monday! People were really excited (almost aggressive) to be the first to track the fresh snow, in an hour everything were tracked up, it was insane I never experienced that before!

We finished our trip in Salt Lake City by a day of ski touring in Lamb’s canyon in the Wasatch Mountains.

After a bit more than a month enduring the winter, we finally packed our skis in the van, it was time to visit the national parks in Utah. We started by Capitole Reef NP, which was a great introduction to the rocky & dusty environment we will have for the next couple of weeks 😉

We were here: